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Staff Directory

Administrative Staff
Williams, Cassandra Principal
Bryson-Murdaugh, LaSonya Assistant Principal
Altman, Gina Bookkeeper/Secretary
Jarrell, Stephanie  PowerSchool Secretary

Teaching Staff
Balakrishna, Neeraja Special Services
Benson, Ruth Alternative School/Intervention
Bryant, Deshelle Career Education
Buxton, Kelyne 4th grade  ELA & SS
Condor, Chinon 6th grade ELA & SS
Cook, Sydney 4th grade ELA & SS
Dreyfuss, Jim Media Services
Fox, Mike Physical Education
Geddis, Clarissa 4th grade ELA & SS
Ginn, Cindy 6th grade Math & Science
Hanna, Robert Physical Education
Haynes-Young, Monique 5th grade Math & Science
Howell, Ken Guidance Counselor, Boy's Club Coordinator, and Basketball Coach
Hutto, Mary 4th grade math & Science
Ingram, Isaac Special Services 
Manigo, Ervin Band
Marsh, Betty Music and Technology Master Teacher
Mathis, Kimberly Special Services
McConnell, Karlee 5th grade Math & Science and Math Intervention
McMillan, Kenethia 5th grade Math & Science
Mears, Shirley 5th grade ELA & SS
Mitchell, Lisa 4th grade Math & Science
Moody, Stephanie School Resource Officer
O'Banner, Peggy Reading Coach
Phillips, Rachael 5th grade Math & Science and Master Teacher
Robinson, Carolyn 6th grade Math & Science and Volleyball Coach
Smith, Janice 5th grade Math & Science
Solomon, Olympia 5th grade ELA & SS
Stansfield, Terri 6th grade Math & Science, TOY
Steinmeyer, Blaine 5th grade Math & Science
Tant, Trina 4th grade Math & Science and Webmaster
Terry, Suzanne Speech
Veach, Kathy 6th grade ELA & SS

Bittle, Karen Keyboarding Computer Lab
Brant, Brenda Food Services
Bryant, Angela Special Services Paraprofessional
Franklin, Edna Alternative School Paraprofessional
Lacanin, Vergie Custodial Services
Long, Brenda Ann Food Services
Mickens, Kurtis Custodial Services
Miley, Leslie School Nurse
Moore, Kyshonna Art and Paraprofessional
Riley, Cynthia Food Services Coordinator
Roberts, Samantha Food Services
Smith, Douglas Custodial Services
Washington, Chiquetta Special Services Paraprofessional
Walker, Shirley ISS & Bus Driver